Exclusive Holiday in Villa Perhutani Grenjengan Resort Pacet

Yeaiy HOLIDAY...!!

I was being here with my lovely mommy and her colleagues. Located at Pacet, Mojokerto, East Java, Indonesia. Though we stayed for two days one night, but I really enjoyed this place.

We went there after my mommy finished work and arrived at 4 pm. My father and sister did not participate. Just because the weather is really cold and my mommy tired, we just move in the territory of the villa. We ate grilled fish together and immersed our feet in the hot spring pools. We slept early.

Then in the morning we enjoyed the landscape of villa, talked in the hot spring pools and laughed because of action the children here.

Mommy, Me, and My New Little Friend

I am someone who could not stand the cold much longer. So, I went into the villa, watched television and read a magazine. And I was accompanied by a pretty girl named Fitra.

Do not blame us, we just take a selfie ;)

Almost all the walls of the villa is made of teak. This makes villa seem luxurious and dynamic. The furniture also made of teak, makes me amazed.

I am not included in the criteria person who likes silence at one place for a long time. So, I decided to wander around the villa. Suddenly my new little friends came to me and asked to invite her wander around together ha ha. All right, my little friends, seems I have to tote you.

Her name is Icha too. So this is it big Ica and little Icha.

After wander around, she back to her mom. Oh, just cute obedient child. I want to pick her and carry her to my home. She is like a beautiful doll.

Time show at 10, we were getting ready to go home.

Please, look at the camera, mom

Then I made the photograph, took pictures in every corner of the villa, while waiting for the others. Please, do not laugh, just simple smile is enough :). I just an amateur muslim model.

So, I have to go home. See you :*

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