Happy Anniversary

This article might be too late to post. But I do not think that love have expired date. Cause I write this article with love.


April 15th, 2017 – April 15th, 2018

One year ago, we got married. Eight months later, we had a tiny baby. And now, we get anniversary.
There is no happiness in my life, but having little own family.

Maybe in the past, I just covered my self from everybody. If I had something, I always kept it or wrote it in diary.
Now, I do not do it. Because I have you haha. You are my diary now. Sorry, if I am very talkative with you.

One year ago, you gave a present honeymoon to Solo. Now, I want to give something to use everyday. Cause we like to be same everyday, in our tools and our outfit, how about we have custom case. Yeah, I guess custom case is a good idea.

And this is it..

Two custom case with our identity.

I never wanted want something too high too lebay, but I always hope our little family can keep until we get older and grandchildren.

Happy Anniversary...