Please, Do Not Throw Plastic Or Anything To The Ocean

Yesterday, I found a video which my friend share on his facebook.

I interested because first picture I saw, was a sea turtle. I followed the video until the end.

I cried when the movie is over. My heart was hurt and I felt I was bleeding too.

The video has duration more less 8 minutes and was succesfull I download. And I need you to see this video until the end, so I upload in this blog. Let's see..

Now you know, what happens to this poor turtle.
I have two thoughts about how straw could enter into the turtle's body. First, someone threw a straw to the sea and this turtle ate it accidentally because the turtle thought the straw is a food. Second, when this turtle swam across the sea, the straw driven by flow and enter into this turtle's nose or mouth accidentally.

This turtle does not understand what's the different between seaweed and plastic. Then the straw be stuck fast in turtle's respiratory tract.

Whatever the reason, however, the straw and plastic was not supposed to be in the body of a turtle OR scattered on the ocean.

So, if you cared, if you have a heart, please do not throw plastic or anything to the ocean.

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