The Name Is Arbanat NOT Arbatan, sis!

In the afternoon about three days ago, after I arrived on my aunt's house, my cousin told me about her product. She sell one kind of snacks which made from Bandung-Indonesia. She asked me to eat it, but I did not. I could not eat it because my stomach was full. Yeah, we did big lunch at the day, after we cooked together.
The snacks be put on the table, in front of big television. My aunt said to me if I have to try it. "You'll like it, 'cause the taste is sweet and nice", she said.
Oke, I ate it then. And wah,, it's really nice!
This snacks called Arbanat,, A-R-B-A-N-A-T.
I spell it so you do not wrong saying like I did. Hahaha. Cousin and sister just look like exasperated when they heard me did wrong pronunciation. They said, "Arbanat NOT Arbatan or Arbatran, sis!"
It's a simple snacks, elderly snacks. The snacks consisting of sweet sugar called Arum Manis (in Indonesian) and two couple of wispy crispy biscuit.
There are four flavor in one pac : original, pandan, blueberry and strawberry. Each flavor has dfferent colour, like original with white; pandan with green; blueberry with purple and strawberry with pink.
Each snack has a plastic to cover it, then eight snacks are included in a single pac. Hygienic enough, isn't it?
After I open the large pac, I have to close it again tightly. Because the wispy crispy biscuit is vulnerable to doldrums (damage). And I must put it in refrigerator so that crispness can maintained.
I do not know how price it is out there, but my cousin selling it with the price 10k/pac.
Interested? ^^

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