When I am Comfortable With Black

Guys, what is your favorite color for the first time and color you like right now? Are they similar or different? And why do you like them?

As in the previous article, Just shoot is a label for some article that contains photos. Not many descriptions that I write, so let the photo describing for you ^^. But first, let me answer my questions about favorite color. It sound's weird, isn't it? :))

For the first time I fall in love with color "pink" when I just little girl. Just like other girl who likes pink so much in her life. I like pink so much and I like collect many stuff which pink is their dominan color. There are many stuff "pink" in my room and I still keep them now.
Now, I grow up, mature and cool. I guess I do not want to be childish anymore. I start to change style and my attitude. In other words, I like black. I just like black unconditionally. I started comfortably with black.

I want to show you, my look is one hundred percen different when I wear black. Not because my make up but come on, just scroll down this article ^^. This photo was taking in one of historical street in Surabaya, Indonesia.

On Historical Bridge
They called it "majestic"
Decided to move from pink to black, I did not need a long time. As I said, I like black unconditionally and black make me feel comfort.

But why my feeling about someone also change when I moved from pink to black? When I like pink, I could love someone with full of heart. But when I turned to black, I love someone with half of heart. Euummm... Could you help me to explain it?

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