Brown at The Beautiful Night

One day, my best friend in senior high school called and asked me to accompany her at the time she want to. And of course I said yes because I got free time at the night and she is my best friend.

At the time we met, she had prepared her stuff on photography. Wow. My smart best friend became the photographer. She told me if she had always wanted to photograph me with her great camera. I just smiled with incredible expression. And of course I let her did something she like. I did pose for her. Potluck posing.

And taraa~ this is the result of her shots.
Capture the raindrop
Just smiled
Ready for dinner, i'm hungry beib, you just don't take pictures...
Big smiled for you  >_^
It is difficult, asked her to switch became photographer. She did not like photo. But I did not give up hihihi. And this is my best friend ^^
Doctor Ghea
I'm so glad our communications remain running until now. And I hope our communication still running until tomorrow and after.

Thank you Ghe, thank you my friend. You made my day ^^

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