Green, Remind Me : Do Not Forget To Be Happy

In this article, the most photos (this time) I will share is photograph togetherness. Ya, as same as the title : Do Not Forget To Be Happy. I think green is the perfect color to show happiness. And family is the best choice to be happy with.

Now, I'll show you that I'm the happiest person in the world ha ha. Even when I smile or laugh, my eyes can't open bigger.
Green On The Veranda
 This photos taken in my cousin's house, near MAS (Mosque Al-Akbar Surabaya)

Say Yeaiy!
And we took photos, exactly facing the mosque. Unfortunately, the weather was cloudy and we could not took photos of MAS.

With Our Cousin
Cousin invite us went to mall. So, me; sister; cousin and two son of her walked in mall together. We played, ate, played again, ate again. My stomach was full, but I was happy with them.

Hey sis, you don't remind me to see the camera!
The small thing : togetherness, can make me happy. So, if you love me, do not leave me ^^. Or you can lose me forever.

Love You. Do Not Forget To Be Happy ^^
Happy monthversary day!

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