2016, start with fireworks!

Hi everybody. How is new year celebration in your home?

Start 2016 with the fireworks

It's quite pretty to play fireworks now for me. Because I do not want to have fun, I do not want to do that. But, sometimes you have to release all, forget all the problems just in one day. Then the next day we can get some freshness to start your day and continue the problem. Ha ha

So, I play fireworks with sister and 2 nephew.

Kalev and Kanov
Now, all I hope is.. In 2016 I can get something to mark my sign, to get all my position, to bring serenity to my parents.. Ya Allah.. Please, give me the chance, please..

I hope you guys always healthy and happy ^^

And now, precisely at 3 am. I want to go to bed.. Have a nice sleep everybody ^^

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Hai temans pembaca, salam kenal, saya Lisa.
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