The Battle - Hear It ^^

Hi friends. Have you heard kind of music orchestra?

I have. Actually I have heard when I was kid. My father like oldest song of Indonesia and he has cassete of that song. And my mother, ah, she likes orchestra very much, she prefers heard oldest song from Europe to Indonesia.. But, at that time, I did not understand that kind of music as good as now.

Very long time I did not hear it, and I just heard that kind of music three weeks ago.

Three weeks ago I watched movie "The Chronicles of Narnia part 1 : The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe". I flashback watched this. Suddenly I fall in love with that music instrument. I do, even until now. Big applause to Harry Gregson-Williams who made this music can fill full of spirit of the movie.

Harry Gregson. Source
And while I heard that music, such a spirit come to me. The Battle is one of tittles soundtrack that I like very much.

Harry Gregson-Williams return to Narnia 2 : Prince Caspian. Source
The music is such, ah, so difficult to mention. Complicated and great. While I hear The Battle, I can imagine that Harry Gregson-Williams (and team of course) are so diligent and clever composer. He can give the emotional connection of music in films. The combination of several tools is so epic to hear.

Do you want to hear it? Click here.

I love sound of piano or organ. What about The Battle re-arranged in piano version? I curious what it's like. So I looked for it. I found it, but this music is re-arranged by unknown. After all, this piano version as good as orchestra version. And do you want to hear it too? Just click here.

If you have another orchestra instrumental song, please let me know and share it to me ^^

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