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Hi Pink Lover!
So beautiful today, so sunny. I hope you enjoy your day, because I really really enjoy my day too.

Today I want to tell one of my wishlist which I hope can becoming true as soon as possible. I have problem on my face, there is a part of face that can not be friend with every make up I touched. Anybody knows? Yes, my lip. I have try several kind of lip product, but it always fight with my lip. But at the same time, I had long wanted to try one kind of lip product which very popular in Indonesia because those quality : Exclusive Matte Lip Cream Wardah, and it was my wishlist.

Hmmm, that is a problem I always think. Yes, I always think so many times before I try something new on my body, especially my face.

But this morning, I made a strong will, I need to try this product and buy it before sold out. I need to buy it soon because it will be touched up on my lip at my pre-wedding, hmmm, so happy. I hope you do not be jealous when you read this sentence, just kidding ^^.

Then my mommy and I went to Wardah store at Klampis street, Surabaya, and chose several colour. My mom picked me one colour that she thought it suitable on my lip. That colour is so nude and too dark, I did not like it. I'm sorry mom, I have my own choice. I picked my choice because I did not have that colour. And this is it : Exclusive Matte Lip Cream Wardah, variant Pink Me or number 04. Lucky me, my mother did not to be hard to accept my choice. Love you mom :*.

I tried this lip cream soon I arrived home, about 12 A.M. Do you want to see? Here.

This lip cream was adhering on my lip. Soft and smooth. First time I touched up, I feel bad because my lip looked so dry and peel. But in the next minutes, this lip cream was adhering on my lip and it looked like beautiful. My mother and my father like it. Alhamdulillah...

When I touched up on my lips, this lip cream looked matte and pigmented, long lasting I guess. Until at 3 P.M, my lip still looked adorable. Maybe just lose some pigment or colour, I do not know what it is. Please do not laughing at me, I'm not beauty blogger... I used to be on the field.

That is the appearance of my lips when at 3 P.M

The matte colour looked slightly faded, and an hour later the matte colour totally faded. Need an additional application on the lip if you want this lip cream becoming long lasting.

Do you think that the applicator in this lip cream is too long? Who agrees with me? Yap, I feel that the applicator is too long, I have a bit of trouble when I apply this on my lip.

But I love this lip cream. Exclusive Matte Lip Cream Wardah is the product recommendation by Lisa. And I can not wait to use it on my prewed hihihi. Want to see some picture of me get a prewed? Please, just wait...^^

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